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i like to use exclamation marks because they cover up the fact that i am dead inside!!!!



do you ever finish reading a fanfic and are like ‘i want to read a fanfic of that fanfic’

Sometimes I want to write fanfic of fanfic…

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Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 


Been waiting for this aaaallll year.

if you’re a s t r o n g f e m a l e you don’t need permission

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I T   I S   T I M E


What? I can't shut this down. It's good to be queen.

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#ugh #fab

Natalie Dormer as Cressida in Mockingjay - Part I

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how much weight can i lose by running away from my problems

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When I was eight, I was confused about being called ‘bossy’ because I wanted to direct the plays that we would put on for our parents. But the boys were not. When at 14, I started to be sexualized by certain elements of the media. When at 15, my girlfriends started dropping out of their beloved sports teams because they didn’t want to appear ‘muscle-y.’ When at 18, my males friends were unable to express their feelings; I decided that I was a feminist.” 

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you did a great job surviving today. 

i’m proud of you. 

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a story of friendship


human: :(

dog: :D

human: :D

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